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I want to let you know that we have received numerous compliments from visitors to our website since the newly designed site went live. Not only did you succeed in the design of a challenging product set, but you and your team have been extremely responsive and a pleasure to work with regarding the maintenance and updates since the site went up, as we continue to “grow” the site, our product line, and customer base. Thank you and the Softinet team for your contributions to helping us manage and grow our business.

Mike Weinstock

Executive Vice President


An executive of an advanced research firm asked to redesign their website such that their vivid R&D professional viewers could grasp their marketplace and technology at first glance. Art Director’s task was to design a unique feel and look for a new website to showcase the technology offered by the firm.


The client’s website would not transport their advanced technological achievements and innovations. The website consisted of different unparalleled pieces. The banner did not reveal meaningful information regarding their innovative approach and products. The navigation system was outdated in Flash. And the interlinked web pages were scattered.


The new website should contain a unique feel and look with a custom-designed banner to reveal most of the client’s highly advanced technology offerings. To portray the client’s exceedingly superior yet sophisticated technology on a small online real estate was a real challenge! However, this new graphical representation will be able to divulge the client’s substantially superior innovation that applies to many markets.


The Design Team initially provided three different mockups to the client. Working closely with the client, our design team produced a friendly user interface using the latest Human-Computer Interface (HCI) scientific methodology. Our Art Director translated their advanced technology discoveries onto a banner where viewers would distinguish their needed content at first glance. The entire website was developed and implemented within five weeks.


Optiphase is a leading provider of interferometric fiber optic sensor solutions. redesigned the Optiphase website so that their viewers would immediately identify their technology marketplace, and their innovative products and solutions.

Depending on the client’s future needs, this custom-designed website can be extended to include a multi-tiered online system with many assimilated applications and modules such as a Customer Relationship Management system, automated Sales Management system, multiple Project Management systems, etc.

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