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Technology is part of , a leading Information Technology (IT) and e-Solutions provider located in Silicon Valley, CA, USA.

We have grown through the years to be a leading One-Stop e-Business and e-Solutions Provider for customers throughout North America, extending from Vancouver and Quebec in Canada to all states in the USA.

All businesses regardless of their size need to have a web presence, even if it is for a single consultant.

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From a static website to dynamically generated web pages, from e-Commerce and online shopping sites to Web 2.0 community web systems, from web hosting to support and maintenance of your online business, we will support your Internet activities throughout its life cycles.

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Whether you have a static and simple website with a few web pages or an elaborate content-managed multi-contributor community website, we offer you a W3C-compliant website utilizing the latest web technologies from .NET to Web 2.0.

Your website is the display window of your company, products, and services. Consult with us for the best web presence before you spend money. We will portray your needs step-by-step and together build an attractive yet cost-effective website.

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Are you looking for a web presence to match your other promotional materials? Are you looking for a distinctive website to portray your overall business model? will help you to design an interface and performance that will perfectly suit your online visitors.


All businesses regardless of their size need to have a web presence, even if it is for a single consultant In today’s global connection, if you do not have a website, you are sacrificing your business prosperity by losing prospective sales and marketing.


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