Website Traffic Analysis

Website Traffic Analysis

Who are my visitors?

What are they looking for?

An analysis of a site’s traffic can help better understand our visitors. Knowing where they came from, how they navigated throughout the site, how long they stayed at which webpage, etc. will help to determine the site’s popularity among billions of web pages.

A website log file keeps track of all activities such as:

Where do they come from? (Search engines, sites, links)

What keywords were used?

What web pages were visited?

Who had visited?

It can be very hard to read the log files but there are tools to compile all of the data. Some tools that provide high-level insight into a website's popularity are:


  • Analyzes web server log files and displays traffic information.
  • Generates detailed statistics about the visitors.
  • Tells where visitors came from and their geographic position, and how long they stayed on the website.
  • Shows average visits per day, new and returning visitors, and visits by sources.

Absolute Log Analyzer

absolute Log Analyzer
  • Generates fast and effective reports of any kind and displays them in an easy to read and understand format.
  • Provides a summary of the aspects of your web site traffic including, what people are searching for, which country is most active, etc.
  • Generates more than 60 different reports, which can be based on a particular quarter, month, week or day. And even view the trend on the statistical table.


  • Analyzes server log files and produces HTML reports.
  • Presents data using tables and bar graphs.
  • Suitable for analyzing data from internet services such as web, streaming media, and mail.

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