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The initial phase of any website creation is gathering information before actually spending money.

Case Study

Case Study Softinet built a bilingual website for a group of users (intellectuals, secular thinkers, and freelance writers) to publish their articles.
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Softinet Consulting Services:

  • We analyze your market place, your competitors’ online presence, your products and services strength and potentials, and how you would best attract more viewers to your website.
  • We will then provide you with an architectural layout of your Internet activities; from your website’s feel and look to the best-suited development alternatives, web hosting options, support, and e-marketing plans.
  • After carefully analyzing and exploring your online needs, our Human-Computer-Interface Expert Designers will help you to make the most attractive homepage layout, navigation system, and unified look for your website.
  • We will provide you significant and cost-effective options for architecting and developing your online presence.
  • Our professional staff will work with your team step-by-step, to plan and execute different modules of your website, from the programming of your website and its various sections to acquiring the best web hosting network, from choosing a maintenance and/or support plan to online marketing and analysis of your website activities.

Softinet's goal is to create an online lead generation for your business from the ground-up level.

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Consulting with Softinet will save you time and money!