E-Commerce and e-Store solutions

Internet has changed the way we shop. Electronic commerce is the recent step in the evolution of business transactions. In today’s world consumers use online stores, for they provide the same merchant with much less prices. Online shopping stores return products’ catalogs, inventory and management costs to consumers, so the products’ prices are reduced by over %50. Even product manufacturers are curbing distributors and resellers to provide their products to online shopping corners; hence the products’ price is reduced even more. We all know that online purchasing is changing our shopping habit.

There are off-the-shelf e-commerce packages that claim to be easily set up and running in few hours! As the name indicates, they are just out-off-the-box solutions; developed to be used by general approach. However, none of these solutions offer a key system specific to your needs. Our engineers however, will design and integrate your business-specific e-Commerce solution. Softinet engineers are your engineering team to design your online store customized to your specific products offering and operation.

Typical turnaround time is 5-6 hours to a few days, depending on the task. Our turn around time is unbeatable. If you have an urgent need, call us now at 408-730-00990 (or toll free at 877.735.3932).

Our e-commerce solution and e-store design services include:

  • » Customized virtual online store.
  • » Product catalog database modeling, design and maintenance
  • » Online inventory management system
  • » Customer login and account database system
  • » Shopping Cart development and order processing
  • » Secure online payment and shipping system
  • » Sales management and automated promotions

Softinet Engineers design, set up, implement and support online stores to suit your business. Your online store is your sales tools. Your e-Commerce shall fit into your business model. Let Softinet experts help you sell your products and services on the Internet.