Search Engine Optimization and Submission

KeyWordAnalysis Simply having a well designed web site would not bring Internet traffic to your site. Information on your webs ite, its conveyance and use by your customers is the cornerstone of effective and efficient online business. How to present your rich and expensively composed contents to your clients can be another expensive task by itself!

Still one of the best ways to generate free and targeted traffic to your Web site is Search Engine Optimization (SEO); a process of revolving individual Web pages (and sometimes the entire Web site) around a handful of highly targeted keywords.

Your ranking in the top ten search engine results will attract the highest traffic to your site. Web traffic however, drops significantly once your web site falls below top 30. Sales as well as traffic to your site depend on how it is ranked by search engines and the keywords you select to maximize your site's visibility. Just remember that ineffective/wrong keywords would result in missed sales opportunities. SEO is a free targeted traffic generation method. Once you optimize the design of your site, web crawlers will pick your site the very first time. Search engine optimization should be a significant part of your strategy to boost online traffic. We have listed a few best practices in Search Engine Optimization.

Softinet has over ten years of experience in designing websites that are optimized for web crawlers. We are completely focused on providing excellent customer service. We will fulfill our commitment to bring out the best in your site, not just for search engines but also for your customers and visitors. We provide site analysis, keywords analysis and ranking, manual submission to online directories, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and other e-Marketing techniques that improve the sales leads generation through your web sites. Contact us for a thorough analysis of your site and its search engine visibility.

Softinet provides in-dept and custom-designed SEO and web analysis

»Free first-step phone consultation
»Custom search engine optimization analysis of your web site
»Keyword research based on your business-specific target market
»Full Web site usability analysis

We will then provide an in-depth report containing the following information:

»Problem and trouble spots on your web site that might impede your site's high rankings
»Enhancements to your current web site to help facilitate high rankings
»Copyright analysis along with suggested changes
»Extensive usability and user interface evaluation
»Optimizations suggestions on web pages that would help achieving higher rankings
»Keyword research utilizing leading keyword tracking tools of the most popular keywords
»Site architecture and navigational enhancement suggestions
»Suggestions improving title tags, description tags, and keywords tags
»Browser compatibility testing and QA
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