Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaign

Pay per Click Marketing CampaignYour attractive and content rich website still needs to be visible. Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns are the leading way to attract many more web traffic to your site and increase your sales and revenue. Pay-Per-Click listings are the prime real-estate locations of the leading search engine and directory sites in today’s market. When a viewer searches Google or Yahoo for their needed words and phrases, these listing appear before the regular search results. Potential customers often will see and click on these links when they see their search results.

These sponsored listings provided by the PPC search engines take time to examine the search engine rules, to thoroughly analyze the keywords, weigh each keyword’s advertising price, set monthly budget and monitor the listing on a daily basis for the highest return on your investment. These well-targeted listings usually generate qualified sales leads of prospect customers.

Softinet e-Marketing team has been providing PPC Campaign to our clients with over 400% of increase in revenue. Most of our clients generate their annual advertising budget from their first qualified clients. We pay a special attention to your market and target audience before we spend a dime. Our daily monitoring system and enhancements to your listing would guarantee the highest return on your marketing and advertising spending you have ever experienced. We do extensive analysis on your site and develop specific META tags and keywords for your products and services prior to submitting your site to any online directory. Our experts have been providing Search Engine Optimization to our clients for over five years. Using site analysis, keyword ranking, manual submission to online directories, Pay Per Click campaigns, and other e-Marketing means, our team have brought our clients’ websites to the highest ranking on major search engines and online directory web sites.

Steps on setting up a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Even though setting up a pay per click campaign is not very difficult and does not need much technical knowledge, it is time consuming and requires in-depth attention to details. Here are some insights to how to set up a campaign:

»Attention to rules and guidelines of each pay per click search engine. Compare each PPC listing packages, their prices, start up costs, and your set up and monthly budget and choose the package best suited to your specific situation for the highest ROI.

»Research, analyze and determine your market dependent keywords. Remember that not the most obvious keywords might be the most affordable and oftentimes these keywords would not provide the best results of online traffic. This step might be the most time consuming part.

»Set up your campaign and monitor your listing daily. You have to maintain your high ranking and this requires special attention to your listings' prices on a daily basis. Track and re-evaluate your search terms. Most of your competitors will pay higher price for the same keywords that you have set up, which will result on your listing to be pushed down the line.

»This campaign requires re-budgeting of sponsored PPC listing. Due to competitive nature of this system, your budget will change be changed. Hence, you have to constantly research on your keywords and their PPC listing prices. Track your spending and generated sales, and re-adjust your listings accordingly.

»Redirect each listing to a landing page where the viewers would get their needed information. Remember that just running an online campaign wouldn't necessarily lead to sales. Your viewers will become a prospect client if you provide their needed solution. After all, you want to convert click thru to actions that will result in sales.

»Even though Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission seem irrelevant, they will result on listing your site on higher ranking of the search engines for much less price.

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