Keyword Analysis Services

You have paid a lot of money to have your web site designed well; with all its hidden marketing blurbs
(relevant titles, description and META tags, etc.) But how would you know that your site is generating the traffic and sales you need in order to justify your expense? Your Return On Investment (ROI) depends on relevant
keywords on the web pages you are posting online.

Conducting a thorough keyword analysis is the first step
in an successful online marketing campaign. You may choose a number of keywords pertinent to your products and market, but remember that each keyword has a specific dollar value ranking. Let's have a simple example on a search for a keyword, let';s say related to automobile SMOG test:

Google's AdWords results are: Overture’s Keyword Price Comparisons are:
Smog = 2,560,000 Smog = $ 0.10 to $ 0.24
smog check = 413,000 smog check = $ 0.10 to $ 0.54
smog test = 379,000 smog test = $ 0.10 to $ 1.00
smogcheck = 6,6630 smogcheck = $ 0.10 to $ 0.11
smog check coupon = 7,150 smog check coupon = $ 0.14 to $ 0.15

These search engine results along with their cost differences and the sales leads they generate are huge cost difference for any mechanic shop. An irrelevant keyword on a Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign would cost enormous amount of money without proper Return On Investment. On the other hand, these results mean very little if your marketing team would not be able to analyze the results of these tools. For instance, Google's tool is free, has a huge database of search activity while it does not give any sort of search volume estimation and they are not clear how these data are gathered and organized! Overture's Keyword Suggestion tool is free, and they have a large partner network while their bid management tools and rank checkers scour the Yahoo! network, causing traffic numbers to be heavily skewed toward high value search terms. Consider a short list of best practices in Search Engine Optimization.

Softinet clients receive the highest return on their investment because of our extensive and detailed keyword analysis processes. We do extensive analysis on your site and develop specific META tags and keywords for your products and services prior to submitting your site to any online directory. Our experts have been providing site analysis, keyword ranking, manual submission to online directories, Search Engine Optimization methods, Pay-Per-Click campaigns and other e-Marketing solutions to boost the search rankings of our clients’ Web sites. Contact us and based on your Web site architecture and your products / services, we will provide you the best online service available on in the market.

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