Directory Submission of Your Website

Directory SubmissionPosting an elaborate website on the Net wouldn’t bring viewers and high volume traffic to your site. Having a well designed website is the first step on having a virtual presence to market your products and services. The next step would be submitting your website to the leading search engines and directories.

The first step on submitting a website to any directory is to find the right category for the site. Submitting a site to the wrong category might result in a minimal increase in website traffic. In most cases the directory review team would even delete the website’s submission from their database if they find the site’s category is chosen wrongfully!

Unlike in the search engines, the website’s position in a directory depends much more on the initial submission process, not the website’s design and organization. Therefore, knowing each directory’s procedure and submission policies are crucial submitting processes.

Softinet has submitted many websites to the leading directories. We do extensive analysis on your site and develop specific META tags and keywords for your products and services within your market space prior to submitting your site to any online directory.

Softinet experts have been providing Search Engine Optimization to our clients. Using site analysis, keyword analysis and ranking, manual submission to online directories, Pay Per Click campaigns, and other e-Marketing means, our team have brought our clients’ websites to the heist ranking on major search engines, and online directory sites.

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