Search Engine Submission of Your Website

Directory SubmissionSuccessful marketing methods are vital to the success of any business. However, online presence of your business can provide additional customers through the Internet but only if and when it can be found. Your web site can be
found only I it has been announced to the world. Web site visitors use different means to come and visit your site; some use traditional offline and direct mail advertising, some use email campaigns, some use links from other site, and mostly use search engines when they look for products and services that your company offer.

Getting listed on the most popular search engines and online directories, and achieving a high position in search results can take a long time. This is largely dependent on the individual search engine. Every search engines uses different criteria to evaluate and rank Web pages. All search engine vendors change their algorithm frequently. Techniques that worked last month may not be relevant today, or they may even get your web site be banned from some search engine indexing crawlers!

How to get your well elaborated web site listed with major search engines is not a one time process. You need to have a team of online marketers knowledgeable on how to submit your web site on a routinely basis. Remember that only 25% of Web sites use META tags, even though many search engines use them to rank Web sites and to display search results. Even if your web site designed with all necessary META tags, it still needs to be submitted to search engines in order to be listed on their search terms.

Softinet provides overall search engine marketing program. We do extensive analysis on your site and develop specific META tags and keywords for your products and services within your market space prior to submitting your site to any online directory.

Softinet experts have been providing Search Engine Optimization to our clients. Using site analysis, keyword analysis and ranking, manual submission to online directories, Pay Per Click campaigns, and other e-Marketing means, our team have brought our clients’ websites to the heist ranking on major search engines, and online directory sites.

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